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BSR Lab-85 turntables

Item: 2497
Manufacturer: BSR
Model: Lab-85
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 85
Vintage 1985 Realistic BSR Belt Drive, Auto Return Turntable w/ ADC RSX5 Cartridge. Comes with Center LP Stacker and also Single Spindle (shown) w/ 45 adapter. Dust Cover has scratches and scuffs. Ex.Cond 8.6

LXI 304 turntables

Item: 2549
Manufacturer: LXI
Model: 304
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 85
Inexpensive Sears LXI Series Auto-Return Turntable w/New AT3600 Cartidge. Ex.Cond 8.8

Sansui SR-636 turntables

Item: 2686
Manufacturer: Sansui
Model: SR-636
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 450
Collector Quality Vintage 70's High-end Sansui Direct Drive Quartz Lock Manual Turntable w/ AT3600 Cartridge. Beautiful Dust Cover. Ex.Cond 9.2

Harman Kardon ST-7 Rabco turntables

Item: 2698
Manufacturer: Harman Kardon
Model: ST-7 Rabco
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 750
Very Rare and Super Clean HK Rabco ST-7 Full Manual, Linear Tracking Turntable in Brushed Aluminum w/ AT3482p Cartridge. Very Nice Dust Cover, small crack by right rear hindge. In the Original Box and Packing with Owners & Set-up Manuals. New Belts, Lube & Interconnect. Ex.Cond 9.2

C.J.Walker CJ-55 turntables

Item: 2729
Manufacturer: C.J.Walker
Model: CJ-55
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 450
Nice High-End Table, Poor Man's Linn. Belt Driven, Full Manual Turntable with Heavy Walnut Wood Base with Pickering DAT2 Cartidge on Walker Tone Arm. Dust Cover is Cracked (see pix), has been glued back together. Ex.Cond 8.5

Pioneer PL-115D turntables

Item: 2750
Manufacturer: Pioneer
Model: PL-115D
Condition: (7.0-8.4) Fine
Price $ 125
Nice Vintage 70's Pioneer PL-115D Auto-Return, Belt Drive Turntable with New AT3600 Cartridge. Dust Cover is Rough but Table is very Nice. Ex.Cond 8.0

Pioneer PL-530 turntables

Item: 2754
Manufacturer: Pioneer
Model: PL-530
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 450
Super Clean 70's Vintage Pioneer PL-530 Full-Automatic, Direct Drive Turntable w/ New AT3600 Cartridge/Needle and Nice Dust Cover!  EX.Cond 8.8