New Arrivals!

We will be updating our New Arrivals link aprox. every 30 days. Check out the awesome new Mac pieces, Marantz 2275 and High end Sansui Tuner. If you are seriously interested in any of these pieces, call me and tell me you read our Blog and get an additional 10 percent off!

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Vintage Hi Fi restoration is our specialty.

At Sound Classic we buy, sell, trade, service and restore fine quality pre-owned vintage stereo and high-end hi-fi audio electronics.

Here is an awesome example.

We received This 1960’s Citation tube preamp in awful and non-functional condition.

This is what was done.

Complete Rebuild, Disassemble- clean and detail chassis inside and out Remove cover and transformer strip and re-paint, clean turn and polish knobs, clean polish and re-letter face, Clean all switches, controls and tube sockets, re-cap with F&T electrolytics and solen coupling capacitors, test all resistors for tolerance and replace as neededtest all tubes and replace as needed customer requested NOS telefunkens to match, replace power lamp and lens re-assemble, test, burn in, listen and enjoy another 50 years and this is what it looks like now!

This is just one example of the work we do not every piece gets the attention that this one received. This was a customer request. However all of our products are guaranteed (see our quality control protocols) to function 100% unless otherwise stated in the description.

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Welcome to the new sounds classic blog

Welcome to the brand new sounds classic blog. Here we will show you some of the high end audio equipment that comes through our shop.

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